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Warhammer 40000 Space Marines and Space Marine Tactics

Space Marines and Space Marine tactics

Space Marines and Space Marine Tactics examines the Space Marines chapters, the Space Marines special rules, the Space Marines tactics, plus a Space Marines Gallery and much more.

Space Marines are the easiest army for a new player to learn. They are very flexible in their tactics. For example a standard tactical team can fulfil the roles of infantry, support and assault. The downside of this flexibility is that Space Marines tend to be out numbered by enemy troops. When you play using Space Marines you are saying that quality is better than quantity!

General Tactics looks at tactics and strategies that work for all the Space Marines Chapters. I focus on Space Marines Chapter that do not have a Codex.

HQ., Elite, Troops, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support looks at the role these different units play in the Space Marines army.

Marine Chapters looks at the different Space Marine Chapters and how their character changes the style of play and their tactics and special rules.

Home Page will send you to the main site with common tactics for all the Warhammer 40000 armies, including Space Marines.

Photo Gallery shows all the scanned photographs that I use on this site.

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